Hotel Hacienda El Santuario Celebrates 10 Years of Sustainability
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Friday, August 23, 2019 05:45 PM
Hotel Hacienda El Santuario
Celebrates 10 Years of Sustainability
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, August 21st, 2019 — Historic Hotel Hacienda El Santuario, located in stunning San Miguel de Allende, is celebrating 10 years of sustainability. For the past decade, the hotel has been implementing positive environmental practices that were put in place to reduce the negative impact that can result from simple day-to-day living. 
A decade ago, Hotel Hacienda El Santuario installed its now-iconic “green roof.” Green roofs are spaces that have been converted to useful spaces to produce certain products on site. Without requiring much square footage, green roofs take empty space and convert it into a practical and environmentally beneficial project. In 2009, Hotel Hacienda El Santuario was the first hotel in San Miguel de Allende to develop this technique and today it produces vegetables and fruit for its kitchen — including tomatoes, cilantro, nopales, zucchini, onions, strawberries, melons and even a wide variety of flowers and herbs. The implementation of the green roof has provided not only produce for the kitchen but also a popular new attraction for the hotel’s guests. Over the last 10 years, the green roof has risen to become one of the hotel's must-see features, visited and photographed by hundreds of guests who strive to incorporate more sustainable practices into their everyday lives.
Hotel Hacienda El Santuario is also the recipient of the Biosphere certification granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute and endorsed by UNESCO. The certification supports the work done at the hotel in its commitment to being eco-friendly. In addition to the green roof, the menu in the restaurant relies on organic products, such as milk and dairy from free-grazing cows, as well as locally produced jams, honey, grain, and sweets.
The hotel also encourages low-impact ways to tour the city. As part of each guest’s stay, the hotel provides complimentary bike rentals for touring the city.
Hotel Hacienda El Santuario is committed to implementing practices that can change the organization and habits of its staff and guests to reduce environmental risks, promote resource conservation and increase sustainable management. Simple changes can produce long-lasting results, and this is what the hotel strives to do each day.
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