A cycling holiday in Italy or France in the celebration year of Leonardo da Vinci.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019 08:00 AM

2019 marks 500 years since the death of the Genius, with exhibitions and events in the locations where he lived and worked - which (unsurprisingly) we can also reach by bike.

Whether the first boneshaker was invented by Leonardo or not, we're certainly celebrating it! Italy and France lead the way, so here are a few pointers to Leonardo's special haunts... All Girolibero's tours include: overnight stays in selected accommodations, luggage transfer from hotel to hotel, detailed maps/roadbooks, 7-days assistance. Extras: bike/e-bike rental.

All Leonardo's tours on girolibero cycling holidays website. See a few below:

  • Italy, Tuscany: From Florence to Vinci A pilgrimage to Vinci is a must for any Leonardo enthusiast. Just outside the village lies the humble house where he was born - now a museum - while the Museo Leonardianois in the centre, featuring many of his inventions. In Florence, visit the absorbing Museo Galilei and its countless events, and the Uffizi Gallery with the famous painting of the Annunciation.
  • Italy, Piedmont: Turin and the Self-Portrait The Galleria Sabauda dei Musei Realiin Turin will be celebrating Leonardo's birthday (15 April 2019), with an exhibition of drawings. Besides his own, there are works by contemporary artists and - holding pride of place - the celebrated Self-Portrait, a notoriously difficult work to view. Palazzo Cavour is hosting - Leonardo da Vinci, the Hidden Treasures, focusing on the master's followers.
  • Italy, Milan Celebrates Leonardo In the course of his long life, Leonardo had two spells in Milan, during which he produced The  Last Supper and other masterpieces. Milan and its region will be celebrating with a myriad of events, including an exhibition with 3D interactive Machines and guided tours. The icing on the cake? You cycle in from Switzerland to Lake Como on the way.
  • France, Loire Valley If Florence is the Cradle of the Italian Renaissance, the Loire is the movement's Berceauon French soil. Amboise rightly spearheads Leonardo initiatives in France: this is where the Master settled in his old age and where he is buried. The Castle of Clos Luc shines for a programme which includes, besides a major exhibition, evening events focusing on life and the arts in the Renaissance. "The majestic Castle of Chambord" follows suit, illustrating how Leonardo inspired its architecture.
  • France+UK, from Paris to London masterpieces Absolutely de rigueuris the Louvre Museum in the French capital, which is also presenting an exhibition on Leonardo. And a gargantuan one it is too, though alas not till the autumn! Not all is lost, however, the Mona Lisa smiles year-round as does The Virgin on the Rocks at the National Gallery in London.
Enjoy these treasures and more on the Avenue Verte!