2018 February Featured Destination: Fayetteville Area CVB
Thursday, February 15, 2018 12:00 AM

Greater Fayetteville is proud of its rich role in our nations history and holds fast to the friendly feel of a true hometown, while providing the cultural and entertainment amenities of bigger cities. You name it, weve got it: sophisticated restaurants, museums, unique shopping, musical and sporting events, kid-friendly fun, elegant and quirky art galleries, gardens, trails and parks, not to mention nearby Fort Bragg that solidifies the citys deep roots in all things military. We are a deeply patriotic community. Lester Holt from NBC News said it best "The patriotism in Fayetteville frames an undying faith in democracy that transcends partisan politics."

What makes your destination special?

A visit to Cumberland County will make you proud to be an American. There’s a patriotic spirit running through Fayetteville, Spring Lake, Hope Mills and the other municipalities that unites everyone who lives here, as well as those passing through. We hold fast to the friendly feel of at true hometown, while providing the cultural and entertainment amenities of bigger cities. We are the nation’s first Military Sanctuary Community, and we’re proud of our military and its rich role in our nation’s history.  


What’s one attraction that can’t be missed when visiting your destination?

How do you pick one?  I had to pick two.

The Airborne & Special Operations Museum, located in downtown Fayetteville, is the worlds-first museum dedicated to telling the comprehensive history of the US Army Airborne from test platoon to present day. The Smithsonian- quality facility includes the “Pitch, Roll & Yaw”  motion simulator that takes you through the paces of special operations training. On the grounds is Iron Mike, an iconic memorial to the Airborne troops and Constant Vigilance, the world’s first memorial Special Operations K9s killed in action.

ZipQuest, one the top 10 Ziplines in the United States, offers two experiences, one over the largest waterfall on the east cost of the Carolinas.  On the Waterfall Experience, once you climb into the trees, you don’t leave for 2.5 hours. It includes 8 ziplines, three swinging bridges, and tree platforms where you can admire the flora and fauna of the area. The location itself is historic  Learn more.

What story ideas will travel media uncover at your destination?

Fayetteville is chock-full of story ideas! Adrenaline junkies can experience once-in-a-lifetime thrills; military history enthusiasts will find some of the country's most prestigious military history museum outside of the Smithsonian; nature lovers can take refuge in Fayetteville's breathtaking landscapes and environmental wonders and so much more. Click here to view a full list of ideas and attractions that can inspire your next story!

What plans/events does your destination have scheduled that travel media should be aware of?

In the next month, we will launch a beer trail. We currently have five breweries, all with some type of military affiliation. Click here for more information.  

Is there anything else that you feel travel media should know about your destination?

The community has an abundance of history, from the Revolutionary War to today. We’ve packaged our history into 17 cultural and historic trails, with themes such as African-American Heritage, Gaelic Beginnings, The Lafayette Trail, Patriots Past & Present and others.


Learn more about Fayetteville at www.visitfayettevillenc.com.

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