October 2017 Featured Journalist: Eva Fydrych
Monday, October 16, 2017 01:00 AM

Eva Fydrych's passion for travel was ignited at a very young age when she travelled extensively with her parents, discovering the hidden gems of Poland and Slovakia. Her feet have been itchy ever since and luckily, being a fashion and travel writer allows her the freedom to indulge her travel lust.

With an impressive portfolio of over 40 countries across 6 continents, Eva specializes in luxury travel, city breaks, exotic destinations, and places off the beaten path. She is an expert in discovering emerging trends, spotting the most stylish hotels in every city, and finding beauty in the most unexpected destinations. Combining fashion and travel together, gives her writing and photography a very unique, distinguished style.

Featured in: Huffington Post, Lounge Magazine, Fashions Finest, Singapore Blog Awards, Vogue Thailand, Business Events Thailand, Travel Notes & Beyond, Library Hotel Collection, fashion & travel blogs, influencer websites.

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Eva has a Master of Philosophy degree and certificates in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Public Relations.

What got you into travel writing?

I have always enjoyed traveling so it’s hard to point a particular time when my passion for travel began. But it was during my time in Asia (2007) when I first started thinking about travel writing and travel photography. 

I remember one particular day in Xuzhou, China, where I was teaching English at the time; we were chatting with the students about our dream jobs and goals for the future, and I was asked if I always wanted to be a teacher. It was exactly that moment when I realised that all I want to do is travel around the world and write about it. At that time it seemed very distant and unrealistic though.

In January 2011, I founded Fashion Studio Magazine and, step by step, worked on developing our travel section. I also contributed some travel pieces to Lounge Magazine and Fashions Finest. That's how it all started.

What's the most challenging part of travel writing for you?

I'll be honest. There are days when I feel totally lazy and it's a real challenge to force myself to sit in front of my laptop and write. Especially when I'm somewhere really exciting and there are so many others things to do and to explore!

Another challenge is paying close attention to detail and making sure that I always double-check all the facts and provide the readers with the most up-to-date and correct information. There is nothing worse than reading an article where the links don't work and the facts are misleading.

What one thing [equipment or a personal item] can't you go without on the road?

I never go anywhere without my camera. If I can't capture what I see, I'm not fully enjoying the trip.

What was your most unusual and/or memorable travel experience?

One of the best travel experiences so far was visiting Zambia in 2014. My safari trip to South Luangwa National Park was simply spectacular. Unspoiled nature, an opportunity to see the animals up close, sunset boat trips, and dinners by the fire — everyone should do it at least once in a lifetime.

I also really enjoyed my #AmtrakAdventure from Chicago to Los Angeles in 2016. There is nothing better than a travelling by train.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to a rookie travel writer?

Be yourself, don't try to copy anyone else. It takes time to find your own style and develop your own voice, so be patient. There is a lot of competition in travel writing, but if you are persistent and good at what you do, you will finally get where you want to be.

Read a much as possible. Invest in yourself. Attend workshops and conferences so you are always on top of your game. Network with people and make valuable contacts in the industry.

If travel writing is your passion and you know that's what you want to do, don't give up. Find a way to make it happen! It's a really rewarding and awesome profession.

As Pico Iyer once said: “It doesn't matter where or how far you go — the farther commonly the worse — the important thing is how alive you are. Writing of every kind is a way to wake oneself up and keep as alive as when one has just fallen in love.” 

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