Lynden, WA to celebrate 125th anniversary with World-Record Strawberry Shortcake, June 4
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Written by Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism   
Monday, May 16, 2016 01:47 PM

Known for its berries, dairy farms and a love of food, Lynden, WA will celebrate its 125th anniversary June 4, 2016 by creating the world’s longest fruit shortcake – and then eating it, of course.

Lynden will build a 1,250-foot-long shortcake – topped with delicious, locally grown strawberries, plus ice cream and whipped cream – on four downtown blocks, according to Gary Vis, executive director of the Lynden Chamber of Commerce. The public then will be invited to eat free servings of the strawberry shortcake.

“Since we have the world’s sweetest strawberries and shortcake is such a wonderful way to enjoy them, this will be a fun way to celebrate Lynden’s 125th anniversary,” Vis said.

It’s expected that plenty of people will be available to enjoy the shortcake since it will be built immediately after the Farmers Day Parade, an annual celebration of the local agricultural community that typically draws 7,500-10,000 people. The parade will start at 10:30 a.m. and conclude at approximately noon. The shortcake will be created immediately after the parade on Front Street between Third and Seventh streets.

The world-record dessert will be placed in vinyl gutters on top of tables. The gutters are being donated by Westside  Building Supply of Lynden and one of its suppliers, Genova Products. After the event, The Opportunity Council will coordinate distribution of the vinyl gutters for reuse by local nonprofit organizations focused on housing, Vis said.

The unique celebration is possible through the participation of other local businesses, Vis said. Curt Maberry Farm is donating its strawberries. The World-Famous Lynden Dutch Bakery is creating the shortcake, which will be topped by internationally lauded Edaleen Dairy ice cream and Darigold whipped cream. Darigold is a Washington producer of dairy products that receives most of the milk produced by Whatcom County’s dairies. Darigold also has a large plant in Lynden that produces skim milk powder and nonfat dry milk,

“Once we’ve built the 1,250-foot shortcake, photographers and a drone will produce the documentation we need to submit to Guinness World Records,” Vis said. “Then volunteers will begin serving free strawberry shortcake to everyone who stays.”

For more information about the world’s longest shortcake or the Farmers Day Parade, visit or call the Lynden Chamber of Commerce, (360) 354-5995.

Media Contact:
Gary Vis, Executive Director
Lynden Chamber of Commerce
(360) 354-5995