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I'm a freelance television personality, travel journalist, travel blogger, and speaker based in Denver, Colorado. After 22 years as a television news meteorologist, reporter, and host, this outdoors enthusiast hit the road driving over 16,000 miles across the American West, hiking countless trails, and visiting 12 countries in a year and the traveling hasnt stopped. I've done travel and outdoor adventure segments for television stations from Salt Lake City to Miami. As a meteorologist, I was one of the first female chief meteorologists in the United States. In addition to working at local affiliates from Myrtle Beach to Denver, I have also been featured on national outlets like The Weather Channel. As a travel journalist, I have written for AAA National, AAA Colorado EnCompass, The Broadmoor in-resort magazine and regional publications. From the trail to wine tasting, I share my experiences with thousands of followers on multiple social media platforms including my website
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