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I am a professional freelance writer, specializing in creative non-fiction in a wide variety of travel genres. These include historical travel, military history, automobiles, aviation history, food and wine, and other topics.
I have had nine online articles published along with publishing on her blog, Her expertise has her writing stories for diverse genre and niche sights around the US. She was invited to the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.
One of my favorite assignments was traveling to and writing about the thirteen Presidential Libraries in ten different states. Each of these institutions encapsulate a specific and unique time in American history. I have explored military, aviation, naval and automobile museums throughout the U.S. as well as exploring the back roads of my home state of Alabama.
My original vocation was a paralegal for numerous legal firms throughout my twenty-five year career. This legal background serves me well in meeting deadlines and hashing out travel details.
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