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My name is Christina Kantzavelos, and traveling and helping others to do the same is what fuels my soul. It has taken a while and a rather large dent in my pocket to find my true passion. I have two masters degrees, one in social work and one in library and information sciences, and am currently a professional content writer, practicing licensed psychotherapist (LCSW) in San Diego, and conduct humanitarian work both domestically and abroad. I have traveled to over 30 different countries and documented most of it on social media. But it was in completing the Camino de Santiago in November 2015, that I realized my true passion for travel writing and blogging, and hence the name, BuenQamino. Night after night, with trembling fingers, after walking 15 miles, I would miraculously find the strength (grammar and syntax errors aside), to write and post an entry on my blog (wi-fi issues aside) for my friends and family. The best part? Despite any lethargy, I enjoyed every minute of it. Even better? So did my friends, family, and now many BQers. Not only did they enjoy my entries, but I heard that I inspired others to travel, or go on their own pilgrimage, or hike nearby. What a feeling! In hearing and witnessing how I inspired others, I decided to start BuenQamino. BuenQamino is here to satiate your deepest desires for travel because those Bucket List items and Pinterest destinations aren't just going to uncheck or unpin themselves!
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