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Cori is an award-winning freelance writer/photographer residing in Los Angeles, California. Cori is well versed in travel, art, food, and wine as she has done extensive traveling and has collected wine since the 1980s. Cori's background is real estate and art. Her art plays a role in her writing as she utilizes the palette both visually and verbally in many of her articles. Cori shares her experiences and joy of her subjects in a passionate, candid, caring and entertaining way. Like her animal art where she looks beyond the eyes to find an animal's inner soul and spirit, Cori looks for the story that is behind the restaurant, chef, winery, winemaker or artist. As Cori often travels with her dogs, some of her travel articles deal with pet-friendly hotels and locations. Those pet-friendly articles can be found in her pet category of her website.

Currently, in addition to writing for her blog, The Written Palette, she is a contributor to Big Blend Magazine, FWT Blog, and Magazine, Vinely and Wander with Wander. Cori has also been featured on several radio shows including Big Blend Magazine and SoCal Restaurant Show.

Cori founded LA Wine Writers, a group of approximately 50 seasoned wine writers, who get together to learn more about wine and the winemakers behind a winery. She organizes lunches, field and FAM trips for this group.

Cori earned her WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits, received the NASA American Wine Specialist Certification and NASA Spanish Wine Specialist Certification. She is a member of the International Food Wine Travel Writers Association and NASA, North American Sommelier Association, Cat Writers Association and the Dog Writers Association of American.
Wine, Wine Travel, Travel, Pet-friendly Travel
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Dog Writers Association of America
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