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Betsi Hill, a sought-after freelance writer, resides in South Florida. She writes on smart luxury travel, food, wine, libations, history, and culture. Her focus areas are Florida, the South, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean, with travel by land or by sea onboard Saltwater Gypsea, a 35’ power catamaran.
Like an artist painting on canvas, Betsi paints pictures of her travels with words and photographs (courtesy of her husband Jim, a freelance photographer). Her passion shines through in her writing as she brings readers along with her for the journey. She seeks the story behind the restaurant, the distillery, winery or destination, allowing others to see behind the scenes.
In addition to writing for her own site, Betsi’s World, she a regular contributor to Confetti Travel Cafe, and is a regular freelance writer for Indian River Magazine, Fort Pierce Magazine, St. Lucie Travel Guide, and Port St. Lucie Magazine.
Betsi has also been featured on several podcasts including Links & Libations, Great Escape Publishing’s Podcast, Dramatic Travelers Entrepreneurs Podcast, and Blogging Successfully with Katie Hornor.

Betsi is active on all social media channels, engaging with over 100K followers and readers.

Betsi and Jim definitely focus on finding fun and adventure wherever they go - whether on a multi-gen getaway with the family, or a getaway for two (or three, with Zach coming along too!).
Smart Luxury Lifestyle & Travel; Romantic Getaways for Couples; Soft Adventure; Food & Wine; History; Culture
American in World War II magazine; Lost Treasure magazine; Fort Pierce magazine (FL); Port St. Lucie magazine (FL); St. Lucie Travel Guide (FL); Indian River magazine (FL)
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International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association;
International Travel Writers Alliance;
International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance;
Professional Travel Bloggers Association
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