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Jim Luttjohann
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Catalina Island Chamber & Visitors Bureau
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Catalina Island is a place where the gentle rhythm of the waves makes time slow down. Its a place where you can paddle through crystal clear waters in the crisp morning air, followed by Mai Tais and sun soaked massages on the beach in the afternoon.
Moonlit walks are the norm and a sense of timelessness surrounds you. That Catalina feeling of tranquility is better known as Island Time.
Island Time allows you the time to do all the things you love to do, at your own pace.
When you're on Island Time, you're always having the time of your life.

Catalina Island features fabulous land and water activities - including Zip Line and SeaTrek Undersea Adventures, romantic lodging for every taste and budget, a diversity of dining experiences, and extraordinary venues for weddings and group events.
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Story Ideas:
1. Historic and storied past from Native Americans, Spanish Explorers, George Shatto, William Wrigley, Chicago Cubs spring training facilities, Hollywood elite.
2. California's only island resort.
3. The Catalina Island Conservancy manages 88% of island as a nature preserve and preserve is home to Bison, diminutive Catalina foxes and plants found only on Catalina Island.
4. World Class diving and snorkeling only an hour from Los Angeles

We welcome the writers participating on the Catalina Island pre-conference fam trip to find their own unique stories on Catalina Island.