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Nicole Pensiero is a Philadelphia-based freelance travel writer.
She began her professional career in the early 1980s as a Staff Writer with the Atlantic City (NJ) Press. She moved into a full-time career in public relations in 1991, but continued to write on a freelance basis, building a portfolio of travel and entertainment stories via publications ranging from the Philadelphia Inquirer to the Chicago Tribune.
Over the past several years, Nicole has become a regular travel contributor to the South Jersey Times/ (12 million UVM), as well as with Washington Township Neighbors Magazine, and the Gloucester City (NJ) News.
Nicole's domestic and international travel stories focus on "hidden gems" -- both in terms of cultural activities and dining options - when on the road. Recent travel stories by Nicole include: Cancun, the Catskills, Panama, Florida, London, Liverpool, Rio de Janiero, San Juan, PR; Curacao, Nassau and Bimini (Bahamas), San Diego, New Orleans, Quebec City, Hudson River Valley; Curacao; Branson, MO; and Spain.
European and domestic travel with a focus on budget travel and cultural activities
Outlets:, South Jersey Times, Washington Township Neighbors Magazine, Gloucester City News newspaper
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