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I've been a frequent contributor to North American and international newspapers and magazines for decades, focusing on cultural, historical and literary travel. This year I placed first in the International Travel category at the annual TMAC awards, with a story in about Leipzig's renaissance since the fall of communism, and also won a NATJA Bronze for a story about the WWI battle at Gallipoli, Turkey.
Globe & Mail Newspaper, The Toronto Star, The National Post, The Medical Post, Doctor's Review, 50 Plus Magazine, Stitches Magazine, Canadian Jewish News and more...
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"A Local Favorite Retrns to Glory"
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Globe and Mail Newspaper
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Toronto Star
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Redondo Beach: A Room with a View over the Pacific Ocean"
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Canadian Jewish News
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Staying Together and Falling part
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Toronto Star Newspaper
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"George Town,Penang: Luxuries Past and Present"
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Enemble Vacations Magazie
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"Cruising the Mekong"
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Cruise-Compete Magazine
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"The Summery Pleasures of the Towns of Philadelphia"
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The Canadian Jewish news
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"San Francisco Has Heart"
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The Canadian Jewish News
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"The Cajun Connection"
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