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Nell M. Raun-Linde
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Free-lance writer


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Nell Raun-Linde, a free-lance writer, published in AAA, In-flight, Senior and regional magazines, Vine Times (wine) and major newspapers. Travel writing is her specialty, and she aspires to see the whole world.
Travel; History
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American Association of University Women, Diablo Sailing Club, NATJA, University of California Alumni Association
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My Recent Work

Article 1 - Title:
Writing My Way Around the World. July 2015
Article 1 - Publication Name:
Self Published: First Edition Design Publishing
Article 1 - Link:
Article 2 - Title:
The Hills Are Alive with the Santa Fe Opera
Article 2 - Publication Name:
Travel World, 2/15/2012; Benicia Herald,3/2012
Article 3 - Title:
An Interlude - Vineyards and Villages
Article 3 - Publication Name:
Real Travel Adventures, July 4, 2011
Article 4 - Title:
Cruising the Amazon River/Santarem to Manaus
Article 4 - Publication Name:
Benicia Herald; 3/11/2011;Offbeat Travel 12/2009
Article 5 - Title:
Italy: A Tuscan Village Story
Article 5 - Publication Name:
Benicia Herald; June 10, 2011
Article 6 - Title:
Los Gatos, Gem of the Foothills
Article 6 - Publication Name:
TravelWorld Magazine/ Jan/Feb 2001
Article 7 - Title:
A Trek to the Top of Denmark
Article 7 - Publication Name:
Travel Thru History, February 2009
Article 8 - Title:
Fort Frederica National Monument; Britain's insurance for N. American Colonies
Article 8 - Publication Name:
Georgia Magazine, May 2001
Article 9 - Title:
Three Layers of Western History
Article 9 - Publication Name:
Home and Away/Minneapolis/March/April 1998
Article 10 - Title:
Machu Picchu Excites the Imagination
Article 10 - Publication Name:
Offbeat Travel. November 2010