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I'm the Ottawa Correspondent for OpenJaw, a leading daily newsletter for Canadian travel agents, and "The Curious Trekker," an experiential travel columnist for Fifty-Five Plus, a magazine serving 300,000 readers across the Canadian province of Ontario. That means I write for both the consumer and travel trade markets--and am darned happy to do so. I also frequently write culinary travel features for Taste & Travel International. Work for other publications--from the Ottawa Citizen and Toronto Star newspapers to the United Church Observer and Troy Media syndicate--has nabbed NATJA awards over the years. It's been a pleasure to judge travel-writing competitions for Destination Canada, Ottawa Tourism and the Travel Media Association of Canada. I recently retired from a four-decade teaching career at the Carleton University School of Journalism and Communication, Canada's oldest j-school. Among my favorite travel destinations are the Shetland Islands, Rajasthan and Buenos Aires--but, really, there's so much more to explore.
Canadian, culinary, seniors travel, northeast US, learning travel, travel industry news
Fifty-Five Plus Magazine. OpenJaw. Taste & Travel International. Ottawa Road Trips.
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North American Travel Journalists Association
Travel Massive (co-leader, Ottawa-Gatineau chapter)
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