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Jennifer Crites is a Honolulu-based photographer and writer whose work covers a wide range of subjects from culture and traditions to contemporary lifestyles, health, nature and science. Her words and images have appeared in magazines such as Travel+Leisure, Islands, Hawaii, Honolulu, Island Scene, Island Home, The Hollywood Reporter, Location Update, The Rotarian, The New Yorker, and various inflight publications, among others; as well as books published by Dorling Kindersley, Oxford Press, Aboard Publishing and HCI Publications. Her clients include advertising and PR agencies, retailers, wholesalers, nonprofits, and educational institutions. To date, her most memorable travel assignment has been covering archaeological findings on the remote Chilean island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), where she also documented the local lifestyle and landscape. She is the co-author and photographer of a nature book, Sharks and Rays of Hawaii (Mutual Pub. 2002), which is available on A selection of her photographs is available on her website and at two stock agencies: Photo Resource Hawaii, and Photographers Direct.
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