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Mary Walker Clark
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B.A. in History - University of Texas at Austin, J.D. - University of Houston, Trained mediator, After 29 years of practicing law, I retired and combined my writing skills with my lifelong love - travel. Travel writing has sharpened my observational skills and pushed me deeper into the history and culture of my destinations. My travel essays are often vignettes that describe how it feels to be there, compare travel experiences through the last 45 years, observe distinctive trends and even enjoy the many funny signs out there. I don't know the stories until I return from a trip but they always appear. And as I say on my radio show, "I take you there."
finding the perfect cappuccino, hiking in foreign countries, indigenous cultures, public transportation, walking tours
I write a twice monthly travel column with the Paris News and have a weekly radio travel program with KETR, the National Public Radio station in Commerce, Texas. .
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North American Travel Journalists Association, Texas Bar Association
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Landing in My Present - book
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Hellgate Press