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With a dynamic fifteen-year history of working alongside a diverse collection of travel editorial and media clients, I am an award-winning writer providing writing and editing services to international publications; while also serving as an ambassador and influencer to worldwide travel and lifestyle brands. I am also editer-in-chief at LuxeGetaways Magazine where I work with a team of writers to provide content to the website and biannual issues of the magazine.

My work always provides both a national and International perspective, combined with a firm grasp on the latest media technologies. Seamlessly merging the worlds of writing, social media, marketing and promotion; I believe in keeping it affordable while always traveling in style...

As a highly published writer, my work can be seen in a number of fantastic global travel and lifestyle print publications, as well as many in-room hotel magazines, in-flight magazines, digital publications and news outlets (Signature Travel, BESPOKE for St. Regis, LOEWS, SKYLIFE for Turkish Air, Upscale Living, MONTAGE, Sea Island Life, LuxeGetaways, etc.). As a contributor and industry expert, I have also collaborated with numerous Blogs and award-winning online outlets such as Yahoo, Huffington Post, Examiner, Luxury Daily, AskMen, LuxeInACity, New York Observer and Eater.

My collaborations with a variety of publications and my ongoing international writing assignments affords me the opportunity to work with a very diverse and amazing collection of clients. Though my writing style and featured topics are quite versatile, my primary focus and personal passion remains on the global travel, tourism and hospitality industries. However, when you take time to review my website, you will also note the extensive number of stories that I have developed featuring food/wine, performing arts, fashion, celebrity lifestyles, yachting and golf.

To introduce your product and/or services, review my full portfolio, or to discuss my availability, please reach out directly.
autos, baking, cooking, fashion, fitness, golf, horseback riding, luxury travel, luxury travel and spas, social media, spa, travel, writing, yoga
LuxeGetaways Magazine (Editor/Writer), Signature Travel & Style Magazine (Australia), World Travel Magazine (Asia), Telegraph Travel (Hotel Reviews), BESPOKE Magazine for St. Regis Hotels, LOEWS Magazine for Loews Hotels, MONTAGE Magazine for Montage Hotels, Upscale Living Magazine, SKYLIFE Magazine for Turkish Airways, etc.
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North American Travel Journalists Association, International Food, Wine & Travel Writer's Association
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