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Born and raised in Paris(FRANCE),where after successsful literary studies she attended a famous Art school:"Arts appliques a l'industrie"or(Arts applied to industry),which allowed her to have an excellent training in all aspects of art techniques before opting to master and graduate as an advertising designer and photographer.She then worked at a Paris based Ad agency before embarking on a trip of a life time traveling by road from Paris to New Delhi,which she documented with Photographs which were later published in a Photo Magazine together with a brief story.However this experience triggered a switch in her career as she decided then to become a full time Travel writer and Photographer...Her stories and Photographs have since then been published in Many well known publications,in notably US, Europe,Canada,and Japan where she has been residing for the past 38 years now...She speaks fluently besides her native tongue (French),Spanish,English,Portuguese and Japanese...Published in VOGUE (FRANCE),Le Monde (FRANCE),Guault Millau (FRANCE),Asahigraph(Asahi Newspaper magazine)(Japan),Mainichigraph(Mainichi Newspaper magazine)(Japan),ELLE magazine (Japan),Marie Claire magazine (Japan),ELLE-Deco magazine(Japan);several inflight magazines(JAL,Airfrance,Air Canada).Her corporate clients have included prestigious names such as Air France,Sony and Carnival cruises...She specialized in deluxe travel and food,as well as special reporting.
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She is a member(since 1984)of ASMP(American society of Media Photographers), "HOAQUI/EXPLORER" a Paris based photos agency formerly part of the EYEDEA MEDIAS group. Some of her photos can be viewed at :www.asmp.org/portfolio/daniele-auvray/
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