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Jody Halsted is an award winning writer specializing in travel, Ireland, camping, and RVing.

Based in the Midwest, Jody is a rambling soul who would love nothing more than to call her RV home, but until then she 'lives the dream' in Iowa with her husband and two daughters (along with a small menagerie of furry friends). Never one to follow the path most traveled, the family's adventures usually involve quite a bit of driving, a lot of hiking, and some sort of meal cooked over fire.

Jody travels to Ireland annually, usually for weeks at a time, and has become an oft-cited and well-known resource on Irish tourism, travel in Ireland, and Ireland family travel. Often exploring places most tourists -and many locals!- have never heard of, Jody assists hundreds of families, groups, and couples with their Ireland vacation plans each year.

In early 2018 Jody launched Camping Tips for Everyone, where the only wrong way to camp is to not camp at all! Designed to inspire people to try camping, RVing, or glamping, Jody and her contributors share helpful camping tips that everyone can use.
Ireland travel; family travel; RVing & camping
Ireland Family Vacations;; Camping Tips for Everyone
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Midwest Travel Journalists Association (MTJA) ; Society of American Travel Writers (SATW)
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